Women's Clothing

This page contains examples of the items we make.  Your clothing article will be unique-made for only you.  You will never
meet your "double" at a festival or gathering.  If you don't see the article here that you are looking for, please contact us.
 We are continually updating the website with new designs.

When ordering, please list 3 color choices in the order you like best. I will try to find your first color choice. If we can't
find your first color choice, we will try to find your second, then third.

Chest Measurement           Size           Waist Measurement
32-34                      Small                    24-26
34-36                     Medium                 26-28
36-38                        Large                  28-30
38-40                      X-Large                30-32
40-42                    XX-Large               33-36

Shipping Costs
$  0.00 - $ 49.99............................. $  4.95
$ 100.00 - $ 149.99............................ $13.00
$150.00 - $199.99............................$16.80
$200.00 and up...............................$19.20

If shipping to ANY country outside of the United States, please contact us for shipping costs before  you place your order.

*****You don't need a Paypal account in order to pay for your merchandise.  You can pay via credit cards, bank transfers and of
course Paypal.  Paypal is a secured payment site. Your personal information is automatically encrypted- no one will ever see your
information.  Rest easy and feel confident that your personal information will remain your personal information.   You may also pay
with a money order or cashiers check made payable to Delilah's Keepe.

Made from a variety of materials. Fully lined and reversible. Laced up
with double sided grommets. Lace up tie in back for custom fit. Boning
in front, side and back seams  provide support and shaping.   This
style looks great on anyone! Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,
X-Large.   Please indicate on order form:  chest measurement, waist
measurement,  and color choices (inside and outside).

Small/Medium $30.00           Large/X-large $40.00

Made from 100% Bleached (white) cotton muslin. Drawstring waist
ties in the back to allow a smooth fit. Choice of: Split middle design
(crotchless) which allows for ease in bathroom duties or regular
pantaloons. Lace trimmed legs. Excellent for use under full skirts.
Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large/XX-Large.  Please indicate on
order form:  waist measurement, choice of design: regular or split
All sizes, both designs:  $20.00
Waist Cincher

Made from a variety of materials. Fully lined and reversible. Lace up with
double sided grommets. Front boning for shaping and comfort.  Available
sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Please indicate on order form: Waist
measurement,  color choices (inside and outside).

$20 Any size
Cotton Chemise

Made from white or creme muslin. Drawstring or elastic neck and cuffs
for custom fit.  Available in any size. Please indicate on order form:
Chest, arm length (from shoulder seam to wrist).

All sizes/Regular Length:  $20.00    
Gypsy Dress
Includes off the shoulder chemise, waist cincher, skirt.  Skirt
includes an underskirt with attached overskirt that can be
worn two ways: crisscrossed in the front or pulled straight up.
When ordering please indicate desired chemise, waist cincher,
overskirt and underskirt colors.
chest, waist, hip, length
Colors shirt/skirt/cincher
Grommet Color
Colors inside/outside
Chest, Waist measurement
Waist, hip measurement
Material Type
Color choices inside/outside
Waist Measurement
Chest, Arm Measurement