Men's Clothing
Pants and Kilts
Chest Measurement                 Size               Waist Measurement
34-36                            Small                            28-30
38-40                          Medium                          32-34
42-44                            Large                            36-40
46-48                          X-Large                          42-44
50-52                        XX-Large                          46-50
On This page you will find our pants and kilts.  All pants and kilts
are made of cotton twill (like a light weight denim) material.  
Available colors are black, brown and tan.  
Simpleman Kilt

The Simpleman Kilt is made of cotton twill material for comfort and durability.  The pleats are
permanently sewn so washing and ironing is easy, no messing with trying to re-iron pleats!  Can be
made with button, snap closure or belted- your choice.  Cargo pockets can also be added.  Available
in black, brown or tan colors.  Please include waist measurement 2" above navel, and length from
waist to where you wish the hemline to be.  If you would like pockets added, please also indicate
where you want the pockets to be placed (example:  right back hip, left back hip, right side hip,
left side hip).

Plain Kilt                      Kilt with Pockets
$70.00                          $80.00
Side or Front Laced Pants

Made of cotton twill, these unique pants lace up the front or side.  These pants
will fit snug around the waist- a belt is not needed.  The unique side lacing allows
the pants to be adjusted up to 3" larger.  Front lacing pants can be adjusted 1
1/2"-2" larger. Lace up with your choice color leather lacing (black, brown or
tan).  Grommet color is also your choice (gold, silver or black).  Please send a note
indicating your dress pants size, for example: 34 X 32.  The waist will be the
exact measurement you send, so please order carefully. You can adjust these
pants to fit bigger, but they will not fit smaller then the waist measurement you
send.  So if your dress pants size is 34 X 32, and you need to wear a belt, you
may want to order a size 33 X 32.  Please do not hesitate to order an odd size.  
These will be custom made for YOU.
These are very complimentary.  They look great tucked into boots or left out.

        Front or Side Laced Pants any size:  $40.00
Button Front Pants

Button Front Pants have a front closure (like sailor pants).  They also
have button closures at the knee.  These pants come to just below the
knee.  Made of cotton twill.  Buttons will match color choice.  Available
in colors:  Black, Brown or Tan.  Please include dress pants waist size
and inseam to
below the knee.

Button Front Pants Any size:  $40.00
Drawstring Pants

The most economical and versatile of pants.  Has a drawstring waist.  Can
be worn tucked in or left out of boots.  Made of cotton twill in your
choice of black, brown or tan.  Please send waist and inseam measurements.

Drawstring Pants Any size:  $30.00
If shipping to any country outside of the United State,
please contact us for shipping costs
before you place your
Pants Color
Grommet Color
Lacing Color
Waist X Inseam
Pants Color
Waist X Inseam
Pants Color
Waist X Inseam
Closure Style
Waist X Length
Pioneer/Civil War Era Pants
Made of twill material (black, brown or tan). Pants
have a button fly front closure, along with an
adjustable waist tie in back. Can be made with belt
loops or suspender buttons.  
Any size $50.00
Belt or Suspender
Size (Waist X Inseam)