About Us
Delilah's Keepe

Look not thou on beauty's charming,
Sit thou still when kinds are arming,
Taste not when the wine-cup glistens,
Speak not when the people listens,
Stop thine ear against the singer,
From the red gold keep thy finger,
Vacant heart and hand, and eye,
Easy live and quiet die.

Sir Walter Scott

Delilah's Keepe has over 25 years experience sewing clothing and performing alterations.
  The long list of clothing
Delilah's Keepe has made include: Wedding and Prom dresses,
Renaissance Wedding Attire (including all aspects of the bridal party; Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids,
Groomsmen, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer), Women, Men and Children's Vintage, Civil War,
Pioneer, Pirate and Gothic Clothing.  Costumes we have made include: Gypsy, Saloon Girl, Indian,
Vampire, Ninja, Nurse, Cavemen, Wisemen, Angels, Shepherds, Pumpkin, Shark, Kangaroo,
Cheerleader, Santa and Squid costumes.

Each article of clothing is made in the color of your choosing.  Due to material availability, unless
specified by customer, material will be chosen by
Delilah's Keepe.  We will endeavor to
pick material as close to your specifications as possible.  All articles of clothing may  be returned
(at buyers expense) and a full refund given within three days of receiving article.  All clothing
must be returned in original condition in order to receive refund.  Clothing is custom made to your
body measurements.  Refunds will not be given if article does not fit because of poorly taken
measurements.  We pride ourselves on custom fitting clothing.  Have a medium frame but long
legs? Not a problem.  Have a normal body type but heavier thighs or upper arms?  Not a problem.
 Tired of hearing other seamstresses excuses that it is too hard to make clothing for your body
type?  You won't hear them from us!  Order with confidence--your clothing will fit the
measurements you send. Delilah's Keepe doesn't just make clothing, we make "Works of Art". You
will never have to worry about meeting your "double" at any  Festival or Gathering.  We only
purchase enough material for your costume (with the exception of standard shirts, pants or
pantaloons).  All clothing have serged finished seams for comfort and durability.  All clothing is
custom made-not bought off of a rack and resold to you at an astronomical markup.  

Delilah's Keepe  has made clothing for wonderful customers in the following areas:  
Canada, England, Japan, Italy, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland, Germany,
Spain, Greece, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Guam, and every state in the United States, including
Hawaii and Alaska.  We have made clothing for countless drama productions, Weddings, Dance
Troupes, Bagpipe Troupes, and Historical Re-enactors.  We can help you make your special event