Please use the following guide to take your measurements
correctly.  This will ensure that your garment fits properly.  
We are not responsible for measurements taken incorrectly.
Please include all pertinent information on "Contact Us" form.
If you have any questions concerning how to measure,
please contact us at:
Measure at your natural waist, which
is approximately 2" above your hip
Wrap the tape high under your
armpits and around to the front of
your chest. Before recording this
measurement, make sure that your
arms lowered to your sides. Relax
and then record this chest
measurement when your chest is
at natural size.
Start at hip level (right above
pubic bone) on one side.
Then capture the middle of
the glutes before wrapping
around to the opposite side.
Be sure that the tape
measure is also capturing
the widest part of the hips.
Extend the upper arm. Wrap the
tape measure around the bicep
halfway between the armpit and
the fold of the elbow. Relax the arm
down by your side in a natural state
and record your measurement.
Neck Circumfrance
Around the neck
Garment Length     
From lower collar seam to
length desired.  If measuring for
shirt or corset length stop at
desired length. If measuring for
skirt length, start at waist.
Sleeve Length     
From middle of back, across
shoulder, down arm to wrist.
Inseam (Pants)
Desired inner length of your pants